The aims of the Association

a.) to promote the protection of intellectual inventions, in particular works protected by IP rights, and creations protected by industrial law, which are used and distributed in the field of automotive commerce, repairs and maintenance, to increase the effectiveness of measures taken against infringements of intellectual property rights and to reduce the incidence of such infringements, especially in the publishing and software industries, in parts, diagnostic equipment, instruments, etc. and in the machine industry, using both traditional and alternative means. A primary objective of the Association is to develop, coordinate and reinforce social awareness about the protection of intellectual property and activities which prevent infringements;

b.) an additional primary objective is to promote the protection of IP rights and industry rights over the professional literature, software, databases, parts and instruments distributed in the fields defined in section a.) above;

c.) to coordinate cooperation among members and other beneficiaries in order to achieve the aims defined in section a.) above;

d.) to cooperate in formulating, applying and increasing the efficiency of traditional and alternative means of protection, in the areas of prevention, crime-fighting and authority inspections;

e.) developing and improving cooperation with the law enforcement authorities, in particular the Hungarian National Anti-Counterfeiting Body (HENT), the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) and the National Transport Authority (NKH);

f.) in connection with the above mentioned targets and there results its aim is to improve the safeness of transport;

g.) the illegal and counterfeit parts, diagnostic equipments and other products reduction in order to protect the safety of consumers.

The Pillars of the
Association for IP Protection


              Prevention Alternative enforcement of IP rights Traditional Enforcement of IP rights

           - Training

           - Conferences

           - Press Events

           - Exhibitions, conventions

    - Internet monitoring

    - Online interventions

    - Mediation procedures

   - Initiating raids with Authorities*

   - Providing consultation to Authorities

   - Cooperation with Authorities*

  *National Tax and Customs Administration, National Transport Authority, Hungarian Police, Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection







- Training technical examiners on copyright (4000 people)


- Training in copyright laws for technical high schools, colleges students and teachers


- Publishing technical articles - Awareness campaigns (Facebook)


- Interactive games, quizzes, competitions  

 Conferences and trainings on the protection of intellectual property*




- National Tax and Customs Administration


- National Transport Authority


- Vocational Ministries


- Prosecutors, Judges, Vehicle Importers, Professional Organizations, Police

*3-4 one-day conferences are held on a yearly basis, providing knowledge to about 80-100 people on average


 Media events
Public disposal of counterfeit products and a media event held on the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day



Substantial media coverage
(TV channels, radios, on- and offline newspapers, etc.)


 Conferences and trainings on the protection of intellectual property*




- Automotive Exhibition


- Car parts suppliers events


- Judicial Technical Expert Conference


- Professional Expos

Counterfeit products seized by the Authorities and JAF are put on display.


Internet presence


Alternative enforcement of IP rights

Online investigations, takedowns


Multiple online platforms are under our constant surveillance, and we take actions against all the illegal content we can find.


Online investigations, takedowns



Following consultations with the rightsholders, we conduct test purchases.





Criminalisation is not our aim, we try to achieve an agreement between the wrongdoers and the rightsholders


Traditional enforcement of IP rights 

Raids with Authorities



We take part in cooperative raids with Authorities
Our cooperative raids are hugely successful. (Seizing counterfeit components and diagnostics systems, taking down illegal softwares, etc.)


Advantages of being a member of the Association for IP Protection 

- Widespread social recognition owing to media events and other activities.

- The results of the last 10 years are supported by hard facts and numbers (ex.: number of raids, number of seizures, value of seizures etc.).

- Commission-based online takedowns (counterfeit diagnostics tools, cracked softwares, databases, books).

- Cooperative consultation with Authorities in protection of the rightsholders.

- We prepare out-of-court agreements to close criminal cases quickly.

- We give advice and help organize the seizure of counterfeit components.